Essay Bahasa Inggris (Writing Competition)

Published August 29, 2013 by Liza Nurrohmah

Social Media and Its Impact on Indonesian Youths

Liza Nurrohmah

Department of Management, Faculty of Economics

Muhammadiyah University of Magelang



            In the era of globalization, many developments around the world are always followed by all countries, both developing and developed countries. Our beloved country, Indonesia, also does not want to miss the development on the world globalization, especially the issues of technology.

Technological developments in the world, especially related to social media, causing many people, especially young men or young girls, try to follow its developments. The most well-known and favored social medias for teenagers today are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Teenagers now only uses social media account just for having fun, and wasting time.

Most of Indonesian teenagers addicted on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. In their mind, without Facebook or Twitter like one day without meals. Actually, if we can take advantage of social media, a lot of benefits that we get from there, such as a marketing media, trade, making connections, etc. Furthermore, if we look at social medias deeper, either directly or indirectly, they also have some disadvantages such as addiction. However,  a lot of Indonesian teenagers have not been able to take advantage of technological advances as well as possible, they just use it as an entertainment.



Social media also has a positive and negative impact for human life, such as:

  1. 1.      Social media addiction

Addicted to social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter can also be dangerous for health because it can cause people becoming self isolation. This self isolation can change gene works, immune response, hormone levels, arterial function, and impair mental performance.

  1. 2.      Wasting time vainly.

They often forget that a lot of their time wasted vainly because they do not have something usefully on the internet, such as chatting on Facebook with strangers, browsing something to open the sites that are not important. They even often forget prayer time, school time and an important time that should take more important activities. Even many of them skip their school just to open the internet. Indeed it will be able to damage their future.

  1. 3.      Cyber crimes

In the development of technology can also cause the development of  a kind of crimes. In the internet world, a crime is known as cyber crime. Cyber crime is extremely diverse such as carding, hacking, cracking, phishing, and spam.

  1. 4.      Disturbing thought.

Various things presented in social media offer more than just an entertainment, chatting with friends, and having some permissible things. So unwitting teenagers in Indonesia have spent a lot of time on the internet just for simply browsing. Electronic media, such as computer, laptop, or mobile phone (especially cell phone) are also able to destroy ability of children and teenagers to learn social skills, so that a person will experience  decreasing in their interactions with others. They can not be invited to discuss about some important things because their minds are filled with the beauty and wrong virtual world.



By the negative impact of technological developments, in particular social media, it is needed a collaboration between parents as the first teacher for the children, the teachers in their school, community, religious leaders and government officials to reduce the impact. The things that can be taken part to overcome the negative impacts:

  1. 1.      Parent
    1. Parents must control their children when they open the internet alone, play games or open a website.
    2. Parents must explain a knowledge to the children about the negative impact of social media, so that the children know the negative effects and they can use it more wisely.
    3. If possible, it would be better if parents provided the modem or the internet access at home so that parents can monitor them.
    4. Parents build a strong religious foundation to the children so that the children can distinguish between good and bad, between right and wrong things.
    5. Parents try not to provide cell phones which can access the internet.



  1. 2.      Teacher
    1. Teachers are also needed to monitor their students in uploading pictures, videos or any other thing in social media such as Facebook and in browsing on the internet.
    2.  ICT which are taught must be appropriate with the rules and the students can understand how to use social media properly.
    3. Teachers provide insight and an overview how to use social media properly, the benefits and disadvantages in the use of social media.
    4. Teachers provide knowledge about the positive and negative impacts that will be experienced if the teenagers are too often using social media.
  2. 3.      Community
    1. Check the internet cafe in our environment so that no rogue internet cafe in the  environment around us.
    2. Cooperate with government officials or community leaders to disseminate to the public in order to prevent the misuse of social media.
    3. Monitoring in our environment associated with the use of social media
  3. 4.      Official governments
    1. Official governments must make strict rules and severe penalties for them who commit irregularities or perpetrators of crime in cyberspace.
    2. Official governments block all websites which are not beneficial and detrimental to all elements of society.
    3. Official governments take firm action against them who violate the rules in the use of social media.
    4. Official governments make clear rules about social media user, so a site for adults can not be accessed by a young person who is not yet an adult, for example giving a password so just adults who can access it.

 (bimbingan Bapak Wawan Sadtyo Nugroho, SE, M.Si.Ak)Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang



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